Norton Ruins My Day!?!?

Almost a week ago, I sat down to my computer and saw a notice from Norton about a virus.  Norton in its usual fashion took care of it.  It removed the file.

The problem was; and the reason I am writing about it here, is the file it removed was e11.exe.  E11.exe is a program by dbit, Ersatz 11, that emulates the PDP 11.  As I wrote in my last post I have been working on an older version of Oregon Trail on an emulated PDP 11/70.

I downloaded it again and reinstalled it on my hard drive.  Norton once again spoke up and warned about the virus.  I asked it for details and it turns out it was not so much a virus as the file only reported as being used by 50 people, so it must be dangerous.  I told Norton to leave it alone.

I went and started it up, except all was not back to normal.  Instead of starting up my PDP 11 emulation all I got was the prompt for E11.  I exited and did a quick directory; no data files or init files.

My most recent backup was before I started Oregon Trail.

I was pissed.  I am not a typist and only manage about 32 word per minute, so typing in Oregon again was a significant investment of time that I did not want to do.  I took a step back and decided to think about it a couple of days.

During that time I thought of a few changes I would like to make in my emulated system.

Finally, a couple of days ago, I sat down.  I was going to re-setup my emulator.  I went to the directory on my C drive to start and had a flash.

My system, when I had it built, had some unique features.  I installed a small SSD (120GB) for a boot drive.  Added to that, I installed a new 1TB hard drive and another one from my old computer that I was replacing.  Windows went on the SSD (C) and the other software went on the new 1TB hard drive.  That included Ersatz 11.  When I reinstalled it, it went to C instead of where it should have.

I moved E11 from where it was installed to the proper directory and I was back up and running.