Norton, Done and Gone!

Yesterday, we lost power in our area due to lines going down.  Ice, I believe, was the cause.

Anyhow, when power came up Norton did it’s thing and tried to quarantine E11.

I decided I was tired of this game.  I uninstalled Norton and went with different antivirus protection.  I will just have to see how that works.


Last Update 30-Mar-18


We Begin Again…

We begin again, or I do anyway.  I started this blog once before and lost it after a number of posts.  With no backup, it was just gone.

Here, I will write about my experiences with vintage computers.  Specifically, I have five vintage Apple Computers; a //e, a //c, two Mac Pluses and a Mac SE.  I’ve worked and used others, and will write about them as time goes by.

My first Apple computer was an Apple //c.  Following that, I was given an Apple //e and bought a Mac Plus and a Mac SE.

Last Update: 26-Aug-15