Oregon Trail, Update and Online

Last July, I posted about finding a copy of an early version of Oregon Trail.  I was going to get it running on an emulated PDP 11/70 running RSTS/E.  I managed to get it all typed into the emulated computer, but it was not running very well.

Recently, I cleaned up my ability to print listings from my emulated PDP 11/70.  One of the listings I printed right away was for Oregon Trail.

Last night, I spent about half the night working on Oregon Trail.  I loaded up the PDF of Oregon Trail in Creative Computing (V4N3 May/June 1978) and set the size at 200%.  Working with the printed listing and a ruler to mark my place, I went line by line through the program and made corrections on the printout.  In some instances I increased the size setting to as high as 1600% in order to clarify what was in the magazine.  I spent a matter of a few minutes making changes from the listing to the program and as a finale step ran a cross reference listing and found one variable that was not really supposed to be there.

I believe I have it running now and have put it in the games library so others my try it out.