Creating a Bootable ProDOS Hard Drive Image

This is how I have created a bootable ProDOS hard drive image for use with both AppleWin and the Floppy EMU on my Apple //c.


  • Create a blank hard drive image using CiderPress.
  • Download a bootable ProDOS floppy disk image.  I used the ProDOS System Disk 4.0.2 which has ProDOS, BASIC.SYSTEM and the System Utilities programs.  They can be found at Asimov with this link:  ProDOS 4.0.2 System Disk
  • Start AppleWin.
  • Click on the Configuration Icon (Joystick/Speaker) and choose the Disk tab.
  • Check the enable hard disk controller box.
  • Click on the Select HDD 1 button and choose the image you created in CiderPress.
  • Click on OK.
  • Click on the icon for floppy drive 1 and choose the bootable floppy image you downloaded.  Click on the Open button.
  • Click on the Apple icon to boot AppleWin.
  • You should get a message *** UNABLE TO LOAD PRODOS ***.
  • On the Apple II you would do a control-reset, but AppleWin uses control-break to get to the ] prompt.
  • At the prompt enter PR#6 to boot your ProDOS image.
  • Once it was booted I chose System Utilities.
  • When the System Utilities program is started up I chose Copy Files.
  • Choose Slot and Drive for the Source.
  • Enter 6 and 1 for floppy drive 1.
  • Choose Slot and Drive for Destination.
  • Enter 7 and 1 for your hard drive image.
  • Choose Some files.
  • Use the arrow keys to highlight and space to select PRODOS and BASIC.SYSTEM and press Return to copy the files that will make it bootable.
  • Press Return when Copying complete.


At this point the hard drive image should be bootable and you can reboot by clicking on the Apple icon.  I would suggest creating a subdirectory on your image and copying the system utilities programs into it.  Then you would have them available.

Last Update: 07-May-17