Logging In

Once you connect, you need to log in.

When you connect using telnet, you will get the following message:

Welcome to an emulation of the PDP 11/70 minicomputer running RSTS/E.

To login enter HELLO and an account number. If you are a guest you
may use 100,100 as an account number. When asked for a password
enter GUEST for that account.

After this message, it should be obvious what to do:

HELLO 100,100

To which you get an immediate response of:


Type in your password, in this case GUEST and press enter. You will know you have been successful when you get:

Welcome to RSTS/E V7.0-07 Time Sharing.

If you would like a personal account
send an email to sysop@excited-geek.com

System programs are located in the [1,2]
account which uses the ‘$’ as a shortcut.
(DIR $ OR RUN $)

Games and other non-system programs can be
found in the [1,3] account which uses the ‘!’
as a shortcut.
(DIR ! or RUN !)

Last Update: 02-Apr-17